In our endeavor to help our clients meet today’s market requirements, we strive to innovate and personalize our products, while also finding solutions to limit their impact on the environment.

In 2008, Cardinal was certified as a Research & Development unit and listed in the Unique Registry of Research and Development Units and Institutions, an integrated part of the Central Registry of Potential Contractors.

Customized technical solutions

In order to provide the best technical solutions, our specialists work closely with clients on the customization of our existing products, as well as on the development of new, tailor-made products.

Because every customer has different technical requirements, we make it our goal to offer high quality products, adapted to the desired end application. Our technology and experience allow us to make both subtle adjustments in product hardness, density or color, as well as more complex adaptations for processing technologies and conditions.

Product design

For clients who require compounds with particular characteristics and performances we carry out projects for the development of new products and innovative processing technologies.

Moreover, the product design department is consistently up to date with the latest materials, technologies and trends in the field, so that we can anticipate and meet future needs of the market, offering our customers a real competitive advantage.

One such example is the fact that we are the first Romanian company to manufacture compounds based on SBS / SEBS, EPDM or EVA.

Technical support

Our dialogue with customers does not end once the product is delivered. Instead, it continues during the processing of the compound to make sure the client obtains the desired final application. In this regard, we offer technical support on the optimum processing conditions and product use. Also, maintaining an open dialogue with customers continuously helps us identify ways to improve our products.

Research projects

Our Research & Development department also carries out projects in partnership with prestigious universities and research institutes in Romania. Below are some examples:

- MATNANTECH – Polymeric Compositions Obtained by Dynamic Crosslinking - A New Generation of Materials with High Performance Properties

- RELANSIN – Innovative Technology for the Production of a New Polymeric Material Based on EPDM Crosslinked in Polyolefinic Matrix, with Multiple Applications

- CEEX MATNANTECH – Advanced, multifunctional polymeric microstructures, with variable content of structured elastomer and plastics

Intellectual property